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Terms & Conditions of Use of this System:

I understand that the provided information contains confidential patient information protected by State and Federal law. I understand that I may not discuss, share or disclose this confidential information to anyone who does not have a patient care related medical necessity for such information. I further understand that I have been issued a unique User Name and Password which I will keep confidential and will not reveal to anyone, and if I discover that the confidentiality of my password has been compromised, I will change it immediately and promptly notify Information Services of Baylor Health Care System at (214) 820-4646. I understand that I may not access this system by using anyone else's User Name or Password. I also understand that activities on this system will be monitored to ensure compliance with these terms and conditions, and that I will be accountable for all activity which occurs under my user name and password. I also understand that violations of the terms and conditions contained herein may result in denial of access to this system and may further subject me to fines and penalties imposed by State and Federal laws.

With respect to review of HIV results, I represent that I am either: 1) the physician or other person authorized by law who ordered the test; 2) a physician, nurse, or other health care personnel with a legitimate need to know the result to provide for their protection and to provide for the patient's health and welfare; or 3) an employee whose job requires viewing permanent medical records.